Demo 1: Summary Generation of News Articles

This demo program continuously reads the RSS feeds from 8 different newspapers (English, German, French). After the download of each full article, it automatically generates

  • a summary (only possible because InfoCodex understands the content)
  • standardized keywords (auto-tagging, cross-lingual)
  • thematic category of the article (auto-categorization, cross-lingual)
  • and
  • it displays the most typical image of the article

Demo 2: Semantic Analysis of a Sample of Your Own Docs


Create a demo account (registration on the InfoCodex cloud sever)
⇒ you will get an e-mail when your account is created
Login, then Upload documents from your PC/Laptop; click OK when upload is terminated
Invoke semantic analysis and create an information map with InfoCodex
⇒ you will get an e-mail when the analysis and indexing and abstract generation is done
Show results ⇒ content overview, various search functions, summaries and keywords

Download short-instructions: